Q. How deep do we bury the wire with a Pet Stop solution?

A. Depending on soil conditions, the wire is buried between 4-6 inches deep.

Q: How old or big must my pet be to be trained to the fence?

A: First of all, your pet should be well adjusted to the home environment before you start training. We recommend that your pet be at least 12 weeks old, but has no minimum or maximum size limitations.

Q: How long will it take to train my dog to the fence?

A: Most dogs are trained in about six days. Our gentle training drastically reduces the duration of training and is more humane than competitors methods.

Q: Will the correction hurt or harm my pet?

A: The correction is safe, harmless and humane. It is just effective enough to STARTLE the dog. The correction produces less energy than that produced by a static shock from carpeting.

Q: Can I use an underground dog fence for my aggressive dog?

A: No. We will not sell or install an electric dog fence for an aggressive dog. The only exception is when our product supports a pre-existing wooden or chainlink fence. Use of corrections with aggressive dogs is not recommended, instead, we suggest you call your vet for a training recommendation.

Q: How do I know when the batteries have to be replaced?

A: This will vary depending on how often your dog tests the boundary. In most cases the battery will last from 6 to 9 months. However, the low battery indicator light will alert you when the batteries are low so you can change the batteries before they expire.

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