Pet Stop of the Fox Valley is not just here to install invisible pet fence systems to keep your pets safe. Our service after the sale and training efforts for our customers is second to none. We like to think we offer valuable information for you to use with your Dog all year round. Here are some of our best tips for dog owners.

Tip #1 
Always keep in mind puppies and adult dog are very much like children.  A low attention span and a happy demeanor.  Therefore, always try to start the training session and end the training session in a happy positive note.

Tip #2 
Training should start in the middle of the yard with some treat rewarded commands, toys, belly rubs etc.  In this  “safe zone” always maintain a “happy voice.”   This area should be associated with safety and free from stress.  This should be done before the introduction of fence training.

Tip #3 
All dogs quickly pick up your fears and anxiety.  Therefore, sad or sympathetic behavior at any time confirm the dog that something is wrong.  Where as a happy, playful, treat generous handler will greatly expedite the fence training process.

Tip #4
If at any time during training the dog becomes stressed for longer that a minute (stressed means eyes wide, panting , tail tucked, agitated)  Take collar off and spend extra time near the flag line to calm the dog.  Do belly rubs, scratch, treat, or playful enthusiasm before ending session.

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